Mindfulness means maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, emotions, bodily sensations, and the surrounding environment. Research shows that practicing mindfulness benefits the body and mind. The development of mindful awareness can be an important step in counteracting burnout, practicing self-care and cultivating inner resilience. 

Mindfulness programs for youth (age 16-24) who have experienced disproportionate amounts of poverty, oppression, drug abuse, trauma and violence, have shown amazing results for helping increase psychological well-being and self-regulation while decreasing stress and unhealthy behaviors. 

We offer resources for youth to build a Mindfulness Practice with mentors, community partners and regular workshops. We incorporate mindfulness into a regular practice for our youth and mentors. Youth who practice mindful techniques are more able to develop authentic relationships by learning self-awareness, empathy, and compassion – the foundations for success in all areas of life.

Building a mindful practice can help youth with the following outcomes:

  • Body Regulation: the state of coordination and balance between the brakes and accelerator of the nervous system. When our body is regulated, our level of alertness and energy is appropriate to the setting.
  • Self-Awareness: our sense of ourselves, creating a coherent life story by connecting present awareness, our life story, and images of the future. This is a key to building positive social connections.
  • Emotional Regulation: emotional experience that is appropriately activated, so life has vitality and meaning. When emotions are dysregulated, we become overwhelmed and emotionally chaotic. When emotions are not regulated we may experience stagnation or depression or a sense that our life is not meaningful.
  • Fear Modulation: our ability to calm and soothe, or even unlearn our own fears.

If you are a community partner who would like to share your time and resources in the area of Mindfulness Training, please connect with us and become one of our vital Influencers. Explore our Volunteer Opportunities.