LAST CHANCE! Ticket sales are still open for our Star Wars: The Last Jedi Private Screening THIS SATURDAY, December 16th at 2pm. Can’t attend? Purchase a ticket for a youth in need to have a day at the movies. 


The Speakeasy Soiree

The 4th Annual Speakeasy Soiree at Stanley Marketplace will benefit The Colorado Teen Project! Tickets start at just $25 for a night of gypsy jazz, swing dancing and craft cocktails.

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Providing community, resources and support to youth leaving foster care.

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Yassmina's Story

“…My name was such a beautiful mystery in English; I wrote it over and over for two weeks even after I had it memorized – the writing was like poetry. Words have power and someday I will be able to write my full story so other people might know to never give up.”

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Volunteer for Farm Days

Spend time with us in the garden! Schedule time as a gardener and help us keep up with garden management. Lead volunteer opportunities available for garden coordinators. 

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The Speakeasy Soiree on January 19th, 2019 will benefit The CTP!
Who We Are

Over the course of a year, our circle of supportive Influencers set goals together, foster accountability, and implement a plan to create lasting change with youth aging out of foster care in Colorado.

“I turned 18 a month before I graduated from high school. The day after graduation, I was kicked out of my foster home, where I had been living for two years. I was 18, a high school graduate on my way to college in the fall, and I was homeless.” — Nicole, former foster youth | Youth Stories


Without positive Influencers to navigate next steps, many foster youth find themselves homeless, addicted, pregnant and/or in jail. The Colorado Teen Project takes one year to create significant life changes for youth who are ready to be an equal partner as they plan for the next stage in life.

Within one year, we recognize that a “circle of support” comprising of Influencers, in the areas of education, vocation planning, housing, mindfulness training, health and wellness, as well as financial fitness are critical to creating long-term positive outcomes for the youth we serve.




At the core of Project:SELF-START we offer sustainable mentoring relationships by partnering youth with goal-oriented, supportive mentors. Workshops, career assessments, skills training and assistance surrounding stability and career exploration support a journey toward opportunity and self-discovery while building a positive growth mindset.



Project:GROW empowers underserved youth through garden-based education. CTP works with youth in transition to become gardeners, harvesters and potential team leaders for Colorado-based community gardens and farms — reinforcing sustainable organic gardening, healthy business practices and responsible leadership. 


Project: Mindfulness

Through guided mindfulness practices with area practitioners, youth learn how to settle a busy mind, direct and sustain attention, explore limiting thoughts, build a positive growth mindset and culivate compassion with their peers. Research shows that practicing mindfulness benefits the body and mind. 



youth per year leave foster care with no place to go


of former foster youth go to prison without a better path


billion saved in social costs by helping one youth at a time



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