We provide specialized programming and consulting in communities throughout Colorado. We collaborate with organizations who have a commitment to teens ‘aging-out’ of foster care who lack social services creating a bridge to success. At the core of our program, we partner young people with role models and mentors to take a look at where they are, their personal journey and provide tools for our clients to reach their goals for their future. 

Project Self Start (PSS)

Through our Project Self Start (PSS) program, we provide opportunities for youth aging out of foster care to create an environment for personal development. The populations we serve are youth and young adults, their families and the mentors and game-changers who serve them. We mentor youth who are at high risk for violence, incarceration, substance abuse, adolescent pregnancy/parenthood and poor self-esteem and offer tools for success to help change the chaotic lives of teens ‘aging-out’ of foster care.

The Colorado Teen Project helps young people find the keys to unlock their futures; ensuring tomorrow's game-changers are equipped and empowered to emancipate from the Colorado Foster Care system. We know there is more to your story…