Our Programs

Our Programs

Physical Wellness

  • Weekly workshops on nutrition, healthy eating and positive lifestyle choices

  • Outdoor adventure opportunities designed to promote team building and self reliance taught by instructors at area athletic facilities and throughout our Colorado landscape

  • Meditation and fitness programs held regularly at facilities throughout Colorado including Parkour, yoga, Tai Chi, and Mindfulness Schools

The Colorado Teen Project creates customized counseling, education, life skills and mentorship programs designed to support our youth in creating sustainable, positive and mindful lifestyles. 

  • Therapists provide a space to heal, deal with issues, and provide a stable relationship with trained counsel using trauma informed therapy modalities

  • Personalized programs based on individual needs after customized assessments through the Denver PASS Center and State and local Colorado welfare services
  • Personal growth workshops, empowerment training through mentorship/apprenticeships

  • ‘Friend for Life’ program with social worker/mentor with 1+year commitment to the lives of each youth

  • Writing, experiential and self-empowering workshops designed to motivate and encourage new options for healthy self-expression and change

Emotional Wellness

Mental Wellness