Every year in Colorado over 500 young people ‘age-out’ of foster care. Many are still in high school and nearly half experience homelessness and a downward spiral begins – resulting in over 8,000 homeless youth under the age of 24 in Colorado at this point-in-time (2014). This is an opportunity to be matched with a supportive, caring community of inspirational mentors to move from uncertainty to possibility.

  • More than 80% of youth who age out of foster care are unable to support themselves and less than 50% go on to graduate from high school

  • Foster youth who have a mentor in their lives are less likely than their peers to begin using illicit drugs, do better academically and set and attain personal achievement goals than other youth their age.

  • The Colorado Teen Project is a conduit for youth transitioning to adulthood and out of the foster care system or out of homelessness by creating sustainable, positive, goal-directed mentoring relationships.

The Colorado Teen Project empowers current and former foster youth to reach personal success by matching the youth we serve with a loving, supportive mentor and compassionately providing guidance and support to navigate their transition from either the Colorado foster care system, the juvenile justice system or life on the streets. Sometimes all it takes to change a life is having someone who cares!

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